Neue Verpackung Magazine – September 2021: 

The magazine „neue Verpackung“ reports on its website about the 2nd Packaging Valley Makeathon in November 2021, an event where small groups collect ideas for two days about the topics of sustainability and digitalization in the packaging industry.

Especially the Covid 19 crisis draws attention to the importance of digitalization and sustainability. Even for the packaging industry it is essential to use the existing potential while taking these issues into account. Last year’s Packaging Valley Makeathon showed that this event can lead to remarkable results. Some ideas that were collected were developed into a finished product and patents were applied for. The event offers the opportunity for companies and participants to benefit from each other and represents a win-win situation for both. Therefore, the companies can attract young talents and at the same time the participants can improve their career opportunities.

ITQ GmbH is part of the event in cooperation with Packaging Valley Germany e.V., the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, the Digital Hub Heilbronn-Franken and the Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach.

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