VDI Nachrichten – Bamboo Solar Car at the SPS

Education 4.0 – November 2019:  On November 29th the German magazine VDI Nachrichten published an article about ITQ's smart & green innovation projekt Bamboo Solar Car which prepares our highly motivated team of students for todays job market. The student team showed the last prototype during the fair trade SPS 2019 in Nuremberg. The [...]

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Konstruktionspraxis – Reasons for mechanical engineering to become agile

Systems Engineering – November 2019:  The German Online Magazine Konstruktionspraxis published a bylined article by ITQ GmbH Senior Consultant, Anton Fritsch, about agile processes in the mechanical engineering sector. The article describes that traditional engineering needs to be replaced by systems engineering, which will change working methods from rigid to agile, and slingshot German [...]

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Press Review – ITQ and CENDIQ Alliance

Foundation of the Cendiq Alliance - August 2019: At the end of August, ITQ GmbH met in Duisburg with representatives of six high-tech companies and the University of Duisburg-Essen to present the Cendiq alliance for the first time. Cendiq, the digital quality center, provides specialized services for secure and reliable software development. (We reported [...]

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Münchner Merkur – Arrived on the Labour Market

Arrived on the labour market - March 2018: On March 27, 2018, an article about Dr. Rainer Stetter's experience with the integration of refugees into the labour market has been published in Münchner Merkur. The article - among other aspects - is about the story of refugee Hussein (18, Syria), who represents the starting [...]

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Is the Digitalization of the World Happening Too Fast?

Geht die Digitalisierung der Welt zu schnell? – „Getränke!“ August 2017: For many years, the increasing digitalization (software-ization) of the world has been either negated, not noticed, or just suppressed in Germany, maybe even in the whole of Europe. By now, even „Der Spiegel“ has taken up the subject of the speed of digitalization [...]

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Education first – really?

Education first – really? – „Getränke!“ July 2017: A few years ago, I created a Facebook account because I wanted to know what my kids do in digital Nirvana and what they look at. At first, this world was very foreign for me, but gradually, I acquired a liking for this digital parallel universe. [...]

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From Cloud over to your personalized Power Bank

ITQ at interpack presenting the new smart4i demonstrator – May 2017: Interpack, the world’s largest packaging industry fair for the sectors of food, beverages, sweets, baking, pharmacy, cosmetics, non-food and manufactured goods introduces innovative concepts and solutions. This year, the VDMA stand at the interpack has the motto „Smart Future”. In cooperation with ITQ [...]

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The Terminator Approach – Living Industrie 4.0

The Terminator Approach – Living Industrie 4.0 – „Getränke!“ March 2017: What does Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Terminator movie have to do with Industrie 4.0? This question is to be answered at the Interpack 2017 using an Industrie 4.0 machine demonstrator developed specially for the VDMA. For action has public appeal, in the cinema as well [...]

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Automated configuration and communicative industry robots

Industrie 4.0 Management – February 2017: Industry robots are a substantial component of modern, highly-automated production plants because of their full custom programmability and a multitude of possible applications. But the installation and integration of these systems demands a high degree of expert knowledge – because of a broad spectrum of idiosyncratic types and [...]

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September 15, 2016 – Being innovatively innovative

INDUSTRIE 4.0 – Breaking new ground technologically and organizationally – „Getränke!“ September 2016: In the course of the digital revolution – which has also been called “Industrie 4.0” – many companies are confronted now, or definitely in the near future, with the challenge of leaving the beaten track and breaking new ground technologically as well [...]

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