After a very successful 1. Packaging Valley Remote Makeathon, the ITQ GmbH together with the Packaging Cluster Packaging Valley Germany e.V. (PV) and in cooperation with the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, Digital Hub Heilbronn-Franken (hfcon) and the Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach initiates the 2. Packaging Valley Makeathon. Further Partners and Universities will participate in the decentralised event from 09. until 10. November 2021.

During these two days Young Talents will be able to develop and work on innovative solutions focussing on the topics Digitalization and Sustainability in the Packaging Industry. Interested students and technophiles have the oppportunity to participate and get further information about registration at Packaging Valley Makeathon.

The Corona-Pandemic merciless revealed the current status of Digitalization in the economy as well as in our society in general. Digitalization and Sustainability are more in demand than ever and cannot be stopped – so let’s help shape them. Above all in the packaging industry, where we have made considerable progress and have already founded our own departments, it is important to leverage potential.

The 1st Packaging Valley Remote Makeathon has already shown that the results are remarkable. In June 2020, 80 participants networked with innovative companies and universities from the Packaging Valley. It was tinkered with, developed, new approaches pursued, implemented and, above all, learned a lot.

One of the many ideas: a reusable system for packaging. 3D printers were used to create alternative prototypes. Some ideas were further developed after the Makeathon, right up to the finished product. Even one or the other patent was applied for with the parties involved. For some students, the path then went seamlessly into an internship at one of the companies involved. This not only created a win-win situation, but also the beginning of a successful and future series of events.

Like last time, the Makeathon will take place locally in small teams at several locations with various companies and universities. The exact Industry Challenges will be announced shortly on the registration page.

We are already looking forward to another successful Packaging Valley Makeathon!

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