For the first time, ITQ is organizing a seminar together with the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V. on the subject of “How do Makeathons or Hackathons make your company more innovative?” In this seminar you will experience as a participant how a Makeathon works, what the difference between the two is, which phases lie from the brainstorming to the product presentation, which methods and tools can be used and why it is worth using such event formats.

As part of this Mini-Makeathon, you will implement exemplary creative tasks from Industry 4.0 (IoT, Connectivity, Cloud, Robotics, etc.) with the help of intelligent embedded systems and expansion modules. At the end, the project will be presented in a pitch.

The aim is to make it clear that in a world that is turning ever faster, innovations require a combination of systematics and creativity, so that you can also apply the methods you have learned to your problems in your company. With the help of a Makeathon, for example, the future of the company can be secured by finding innovative minds. At such an “innovation festival”, young talents can find new, creative solutions for their ideas together with employees.

Event Information:

Date:  16. November 2021
Registration deadline: 8. November 2021
Lecturer: Stefan Zombori
Location: ITQ GmbH, Parkring 4, 85748 Garching bei München

More Information: