In addition to ITQ’s core business of digitalization in German mechanical engineering, the Education 4.0 approach plays a major role. At the beginning of July, ITQ GmbH delved into this approach together with Murrelektronik GmbH, a provider of automation technology, at several events.

Following the snowball principle – where someone passes on their knowledge to a few, who in turn pass on their newly learned knowledge to many others – ITQ trains its own working students to become technology coaches. In July, these technology coaches trained Murrelektronik trainees in LEGO Mindstorms and WeDo. As well as other technology-related projects such as the cleaning robot from Dolde Engineering. The next day, these new coaches were able to pass on their knowledge directly to interested visitors at an event at the Deutsches Museum.

The crowning glory of the training initiative was the implementation of technology stations at the open house at Murrelektronik in Oppenweiler. Here, a network of technology coaches from ITQ, Murrelektronik, and the TH Nuremberg led a diverse program of LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo workshops. Children could gain first experience in programming. In addition, the team showed LEGO Mindstorms robot battles. For the little ones, the animals of the digital petting zoo, also assembled from LEGO Mindstorms, were a special highlight.

The Gerda Stetter Foundation “Technology is fun!” was part of the Education Concept. It aims to motivate young people for technical projects and cross-disciplinary teamwork. It is great to see how enthusiastic the young technology coaches were to pass on their newfound knowledge directly to interested parties.

Impressions – Open House at Murrelektronik

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