Education first – really? – „Getränke!“ July 2017:

A few years ago, I created a Facebook account because I wanted to know what my kids do in digital Nirvana and what they look at. At first, this world was very foreign for me, but gradually, I acquired a liking for this digital parallel universe. The most fascinating aspect is the fact that in the course of time, the system supplies information you did not ask for directly, but find interesting. It almost seems as if Facebook, like an old acquaintance, gets to know its counterpart’s (the user’s) character and interests more and more. This is remarkable in two respects from a technological vantage. On the one hand, information you appreciate but may not have found otherwise accrues to you as if of its own volition. On the other hand, you realize how transparent you are for others and how well Data Mining works technologically.

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