ITQ at interpack presenting the new smart4i demonstrator – May 2017:

Interpack, the world’s largest packaging industry fair for the sectors of food, beverages, sweets, baking, pharmacy, cosmetics, non-food and manufactured goods introduces innovative concepts and solutions. This year, the VDMA stand at the interpack has the motto „Smart Future”. In cooperation with ITQ GmbH and partners from the industry, science and research, VDMA presents the special interpack showcase „Industrie 4.0” during the trade fair. ITQ will present its newest smart4i Industrie 4.0 Demonstrator.

The smart4i Demonstrator makes Industrie 4.0 tangible and shows that even today, manufacturing processes can be made Industrie-4.0-compatible by efficient use and combination of technological components. With the smart4i Demonstrator, visitors have the chance to order via an individualized power bank. Color, wrapping, and label can be adapted to the customer’s personal preferences and wishes. The order is processed immediately by the Demonstrator, and the selected parameter values passed to the modules. The specialty of the Demonstrator is the consistent crosslinking from the Cloud to the field devices, which is ensured at any time by uniform interfaces (OPC UA) and information models. The smart4i demonstrator was implemented by an interdisciplinary and international team of 36 students in cooperation with industry partners in just 36 weeks.

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