After the successful SMART GREEN TUNISIA MAKEATHON in Tunisia,  ITQ GmbH will realize together with the VDMA, the Botswana Government Organization SEZA and the University of Botswana, for the first time a Makeathon in Botswana and the second on the African continent. The Makeathon will take place for five days, from 17.-21. November 2019 in Gaborone.

During the Makeathon, participants will work on a variety of innovative technical projects in the field of Smart & Green Technologies, Smart & Green Energy and Smart Mobility. In addition, participants will work with the Bamboo Solar Car Project Team to develop a Botswana version of the solar-powered bamboo vehicle. With the development of the Bamboo Solar Car, the Botswana Government wants to advance its vision concerning Industrie 4.0 and pave the way for a new industrial revolution in their own country.

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