This year, ITQ GmbH has once again invited its employees to the annual ITQ summer event. This means that the employees spend a weekend together in Bavaria, gain insight into the current company projects and get to know new colleagues better. This time the Labenbachhof, near the Chiemsee, was selected.

Team challenges encouraged the creativity and teamwork of the employees, and at “speed dating”, new and old colleagues were able to get to know each other from another side.

Another program point was an “anti-stress seminar” to show the employees ways how to cope with daily life situation in a stress-free way in times of constant accessibility. Therefore Coach Christian Mühldorfer has shown in a very funny way, how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Thanks to the great organization and support of the Labenbachhof, it was once again an unforgettable highlight, which makes the whole team thrilled for the next ITQ summer event 2019!