July 30, 2016 – Right in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution

„e&i elektrotechnik und informationstechnik“ July 2016: Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stetter is the CEO of ITQ GmbH in Garching near Munich, a service and consulting company for systems and software engineering in mechanical engineering and mechatronics. Additionally, he has been involved with innovative and future-oriented education of new technological recruits for many years, to which purpose [...]


July 21, 2016 – Education 4.0 for companies

„Industry Arena“ July 2016: With the Showcase Mi5, interdependencies of Industrie 4.0 can be demonstrated. Since component manufacturers, system integrators, and machine manufacturers are affected by the changes brought by Industrie 4.0, the showcase creates good conditions for starting the race of cyber-physical technologies along a wide front. New varieties of education are needed. [...]


2016-07-15 The country needs more crackpots!

„Getränke!“ July 2016: Is industrial change made in Germany? It cannot be denied anymore that a lot is changing in our country, politically as well as economically. The change is becoming tangible, and not least for the German industry. Of all things, our core competences, engineering and manufacturing, and even our darling and biggest [...]