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Read Quickly – Stay on the Ball

The term “Industry 4.0” indirectly contains the word “revolution”. For that reason, we do a lot to get ahead together with you. In this spirit, we keep you up-to-date about current subjects. Read what we are doing now.

109, 2020

September 01, 2020 – OUTDOC Programme

As part of our EU project OUTDOC, ITQ will offer in the coming months some seminars for PHD students in emerging areas. These semiars will take place within the framework of our EU [...]

608, 2020

August 06, 2020 – New Solar Car Project

ITQ in Duisburg continues to drive the innovative student project Bamboo Solar Car from 2019. A new team consisting of seventeen students from the University of Duisburg-Essen with the support of ITQ engineers [...]

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