Development and IT operations are moving closer together

IT cultures have to evolve continuously to provide the customer with individual high-quality solutions with the greatest possible transparency. This can only be achieved with good and strong communication within the interdisciplinary teams and effective cooperation. The goal of everyone involved should be to take responsibility for the entire process (end-to-end) and to be able to react quickly to changes at any time.

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More code quality through mindset change

All phases of DevOps are run through permanently in a software development process – consciously or unconsciously. In some cases, the existing processes are intended for this – but often not yet. In the area of code and build, CI mechanisms have already found their way into the world of machine and plant construction.

Code reviews, the execution of automated tests as well as efficient and comprehensible release and deployment management are rarely found. Besides, the engineering and the operation of mechatronic products are traditionally separated, between the developer and the commissioning engineer.

By changing the mindset and philosophy to DevOps, the goal “You build it, you run it, you love it” can be brought closer and the code quality, customer orientation, and motivation of the development team can be increased.

Team mit Händen in der Mitte zur Darstellung von Devops als Mindset
Darstellung zweier sich überschreidender Kreise zur Darstellung von DevOps.

New way of working together

First of all, you need a consistent concept that includes all phases of development, commissioning, and operation in the field. The development team and the operators have to develop a new common mindset aimed at continuous improvement.

Extensions should take place iteratively and gaps closed. Suitable tools must be used for this and procedures and automatic processes must be established. So everyone gets an expanded view beyond the release of the mechatronic product. This automatically increases the team‘s commitment and identification with their own product.


DevOps produces high quality products!

  • Targeted reaction to customer requests and integration
    into the development process
  • Shorter release cycles
  • Development of automation processes and tools
  • High informative value about the code quality through automatic
    mated and intensive testing of the products
  • „You know what you ship“: through efficient, consistent and
    secure release and deployment management
  • Increased motivation of the team and look over outside of the box
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Together we will close the gaps

First, our consultants analyze the existing development process. Then we build a capable and interdisciplinary team that works according to the motto: “We build it, we ship it, we run it“.

All team members receive the required DevOps mindset through training courses and workshops.

Then the team goes to work:

  • Strategy and tools must be defined in order to gradually close DevOps gaps in coordination with all stakeholders
  • New processes and tools (CI/CD) must
    to be rolled out
  • Common KPIs and evaluation of measures
    will be agreed


We show you new options!

  • Implementation of training courses and workshops to introduce the team to the DevOps mindsets
  • Analysis of the existing development processes
  • Benchmark, select, and build a suitable toolchain
  • Joint elaboration of a suitable concept with all company departments involved
  • Build efficient and consistent approval process for your product

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DevOps brings the development team faster and closer to the machine, in virtual or real form.

Kilian Meßmer, Consultant

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