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Articifial Intelligence with strategy 

Digitalization and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is penetrating ever more into mechanical and plant engineering. AI also promises your industry more efficient processes, increased employee productivity, and large productivity gains. Our consultants will advise you on which AI strategy is the right one for your company, how you can benefit from it and how to get your employees on board in good time.

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Optimization of production processes through self-learning algorithms

AI is used in mechanical and plant engineering for a variety of purposes: object identification, pattern recognition for quality assurance, predictive maintenance and the optimization of production processes and traveling distances using self-learning algorithms.

The analysis of the data obtained offers huge opportunities, among other things, to integrate new, AI-based products and services into existing products at an ideal cost-benefit ratio. In all of these areas, it is important to take up, understand, and apply the new opportunities at an early stage.

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First, we work with you to identify, which processes in your company are simplified and which products can be optimized using Artificial Intelligence. Our consultants acquire a deep understanding of your core business, the company philosophy, and the processes of your company in order to get the greatest possible benefit from AI.

Thus, the choice of the appropriate Artificial Intelligence processes is transparent and easy. Using suitable simulation models, AI training courses can be carried out that are used to generate data. This means that the team can develop first prototypes quickly. All methods are subject to strict controls with a focus on safety.


Make use of our experience!

  • Establishing experience in the field of AI in your company
  • Identification of application areas for AI in mechanical and plant engineering
  • Selection and generation of data sets for efficient training of AI algorithms
  • Targeted design of solutions based on many years of experience in the industry
  • Efficient support in the development of AI algorithms
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What will make you successful?

To develop all the advantages of the new processes, machine builders need clear strategies and plans.

The focus is on the provision of the necessary technology, data collection and use. The interaction between employees and AI is also extremely important. The question of which problem can be solved using AI and which of the various solution options is the most promising, is one of the critical points in order to quickly achieve project success.

With our many years of experience in the industry and our knowledge from implemented projects in the field of AI, we can give you professional support.


We support you!

  • In-house training on Artificial Intelligence with focus on application in the machine and plant engineering
  • Benchmarking, comparison and selection of third party tools
  • Development of customized solutions
  • Support in the generation, conversion and storage of training data
  • Conduct AI training on local computers or with the help of cloud computing capacity
  • Adaptation and scaling of the results on hardware such as IPC, industrial control or microcontrollers

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Using Artificial Intelligence, we move your machines and systems into a new industry era.

Harald Weigold, Member of Management 

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