Good decisions require sustainable analysis

If you want to be innovative and fast, you need the right methods and good tools. Which of the many different methods and tools best suit your company? Our experienced consultants help you find the most sensible solutions for you in a  structured, requirement-driven benchmark.

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Are you already benefitting from suitable development tools?

Innovations have to be brought onto the market at ever shorter intervals. To achieve this, crossdisciplinary engineering is imperative. You can only offer your  customers an optimal cost-benefit factor if the methods and processes are chosen wisely and the tools used perfectly.

The ever increasing proportion of software in all product sectors and industries means that the field of software and control development is increasingly becoming bottleneck in projects. For this reason, when selecting tools, it is important to ensure that the development tools used take especially this aspect into account and help to increase the development speed in the software and automation field.

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Still comparing or did you
already decide?

The solutions available on the market can be sensibly compared using a structured, requirement-driven benchmark. Our concept provides an approach based on use cases, which enables the technical possibilities of the individual solutions to be assessed transparently.

The focus is on the degree of fulfillment of your use cases. At the same time, we sound out the solutions on the tooth and do not rely on data sheets or promises that lie in the future.

We make sustainable decisions with you based on a viable analysis!


How to benefit from our cooperation

  • Thorough recording of your requirements
  • Documented processes and relevant use cases
  • Overview of existing methods and tools
  • Clear metric as the basis for the evaluation
  • Direct comparison of different solutions
  • Strength and weaknesses profile
  • Reliable basis for decisions
  • Specific recommendations for action
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Well-founded recommendations

Our employees record and document your requirements in a structured and holistic manner. Your existing processes and use cases are at the center of the selection of possible solutions and form the basis of a comprehensive analysis.

  • We create a strength-and-weaknesses profile of different solutions for you based on a clear and comprehensible metric
  • We explain any deviations from best practice approaches and perform initial evaluations based on the knowledge gained
  • It is important to us that all steps are traceable and transparent for you
  • Based on these viable analyses, you will receive well-founded and clear recommendations for action from our specialists


We prepare your decision thoroughly!

  • Preparatory measures
    • Record the status quo
    • Identify use cases
    • Common definition of your requirements
    • Define evaluation criteria
    • Provide an overview of methods and tools
  • Execution
    • Identify methods and tools
    • Preselection based on your requirements
    • Examine selected methods and tools
    • Application and evaluation based on use cases
  • Evaluation
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Derive recommendations for action
    • Decision based on clear requirements

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Use case based benchmarks offer an excellent possibility for our customers to make transparent decisions reliably.

Felix Rhöse, Senior Consultant

ITQ Ansprechpartner Felix Rhoese
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