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Foundation pillar of successful projects

Project management represents the interface of all parties involved in a project and is crucial for the success of technical system development. Experience and realistic as well as constant assessments are the basic pillars of successful project planning that we experience.

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Do projects fail due to their complexity?

Software development is still receiving too little attention in the mechanical engineering industry. Although the proportion of software functions in this area is extremely high and will continue to grow. Underestimated complexity and scope of work packages are causes of project failure.

Good and successful project management is not only characterized by the achievement of a strict and rigid goal, but also by a dynamic and agile reaction to changing framework conditions. The development of software in mechanical engineering in particular is subject to many requirements and interfaces.

Meeting zur Darstellung von Agiles Projektmanagement
Tisch mit Papieren und Notebook zeigt agile Projekt Planung

Stay agile despite concrete planning

A key competence in the development of complex technical systems – especially intelligent machines with a high proportion of software – is requirements management. It is advisable to look at facts from other perspectives and to question all stakeholders involved to enable an exchange of experience and interests and to delineate the scope of a project.

For a predictable project process, task packages are put together and a schedule is drawn up. Deviations from scheduling due to changed framework conditions are often the case. Dynamic and agile configuration and change management as well as well-thought-out resource planning provides a remedy.


Advantages for your project

  • Interface for everyone involved
  • Determine the scope of services of a project
  • Prioritize goals
  • The project process can be planned
  • Agile reaction to changing framework conditions
  • Control over the complexity and scope of a project
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Team motivation through transparency
  • Building experience through reflection
  • Project success
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The team is the basis

The basis for successful project management requires a thorough and concrete recording of project goals. All stakeholders must be taken into account to be able to draw up a robust specification.

In addition to formulating the common goals, prioritization is necessary so that the efforts can be achieved profitably and gradually. The risks must be assessable at all times. A complete project organization also includes putting together a harmonizing team that can efficiently solve problems and thus create high-quality products.


We offer you!

  • Efficient teamwork
  • Coaching of successful methods
  • Requirements acquisition
  • Risk assessments
  • Advice and support for the implementation of the processes
  • Examination of existing structures
  • Evaluation of solution approaches
  • Develop a holistic strategy
  • Project structuring
  • Workshops for everyone involved
  • Monitoring over the project period and beyond

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Being involved in a project organization promotes enthusiasm for a project and creates a motivation boost for technical implementation.

Harald Weigold, Member of Management

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