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Promoting digital and climate friendly future projects

The world is going through a massive upheaval. Technological, social and climatic conditions are changing at an increasing rate. Entire industrial sectors such as the automotive industry are changing at a rapid pace. Climate change seems to be accelerating more and more, the hot weather periods with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius alternate with strong storms. Although there are many discussions, talks and protests, the responsibilities are often only shifted back and forth. That is why we launched the “SMART GREEN ISLAND” project at the end of 2016.

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Together with motivated minds from diverse disciplines, generations and nations, we would like to develop technologically smart concepts and solutions to show how a (GREEN) life is possible in harmony with nature.

Therefore, our vision is to use the island of Gran Canaria to demonstrate how a closed cycle between energy generation and energy use can be achieved in a smart way, while at the same time preserving existing natural resources.

In addition to the sustainable use of energy, we also focus on all other areas of daily life. How do we shape our future together in a modern and climateneutral way?

Darstellung des Portfolio von Smart Green Island
Acht Teilnehmer des Island Projekts Bamboo Solar Car vor dem Auto.


The needs of the countries of the world with regard to a life compatible with the environment, are very variable due to different economic and climatic conditions. In order to act out as many different scenarios as possible in a geographically compact and thus resource efficient way, we chose Gran Canaria.

The island with a radius of about 45 km is a sort of continent of its own due to its unique geographical location with its 14 climate zones. The proximity of Gran Canaria to Africa and the location in the Atlantic mean that solar and wind energy are available in almost unlimited quantities.

This energy could be used to advance digital and climate -friendly future projects and to carry the prototypelike solutions out into the whole world.

SMART GREEN ISLAND Makeathon Impressions


Jubelnde Teilnehmer des Smart Green Island Makeathons 2020.


Jubelnde Teilnehmer des Smart Green Island Makeathons 2019.


Jubelnde Teilnehmer des Smart Green Island Makeathons 2019.


Jubelnde Teilnehmer des Smart Green Island Makeathons 2017.


Teilnehmer des Smart Green Island Makeathons 2016.


We don’t talk about Digital Education, we implement it!

To advance future digital and climate-friendly innovations, we initiated the first SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON in September 2016 with 40 participants. Only 30 months later, we were able to increase the numbers tenfold and inspire 400 participants for our event.

In 2020 there were over 500 registrations. Thus, the “SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON“ has established itself as a successful, innovative and international model of success.

With each additional “MAKEATHON” the vision of a “SMART GREEN ISLAND” is further promoted so that Gran Canaria can become an exemplary climate-neutral island.


Key Facts

During our MAKEATHONS the participating Young Talents have always developed new ideas and solutions in the fields such as Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Production, Robotics, AI, IoT, Smart Mobility, Smart Farming, Smart Health and Smart Green Energy.

  5 Makeathons

 With 30 nations

  Over 200 ideas

  Over 1.000 participants

With 150 universities

250 prototypes

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With our Smart Green Island Makeathons we are able to realize innovative and sustainable future projects.

Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stetter, ITQ Managing Director

ITQ Ansprechpartner Dr Rainer Stetter
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