After a long break, Trade Fairs were able to take place again this year in almost the usual form. Trade Fairs and Congresses bring together millions of bright minds from all over the world every year. In order to be perceived accordingly, it is important for exhibitors to attract visitors with an attractive exhibit. ITQ GmbH has built a new Trade Fair Demonstrator together with young students as part of its Education 4.0 training approach. The project gave the Young Talents the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and develop their skills in the field of engineering.

Under the guidance of our Senior Consultants and experienced ITQ Engineers, three working students set up the Vishay Trade Fair Demonstrator for the customer Vishay Electronic GmbH within eleven weeks. The demonstrator consists of a round table with eight stations. Each has a Vishay component – a printed circuit board and other functional modules. A collaborative robot (cobot) is attached in the middle, with a tablet attached to the end of its arm.

Visitors can stand around the table and look at the modules at the stations. If the station is requested by pressing a button, the cobot moves there and shows the component on the tablet in 3D. This can be rotated and zoomed. There is also a lot of additional information, such as possible applications and data sheets. If no station is requested, the cobot is programmed to move to all positions automatically. The Tablet is based on an Android-App, which has been developed in Unreal Engine.

The Vishay Demonstrator was exhibited for the first time at electronica 2022 in Munich at the Vishay booth and attracted numerous visitors. The entire structure of the demonstrator can be easily expanded and adapted for future fields of application.

Impressions – Vishay Demonstrator

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