From October 11th to 13th, 2022, ITQ GmbH presented the new Google Cloud Demonstrator at the Google Cloud Next ´22. There, companies and experts come together to exchange ideas about new Technologies and Solutions for Digital Transformation.

The Google Cloud Demonstrator was developed in cooperation with ITQ GmbH and SOTEC within 5 months. It is based on the Learning Factory 4.0 from fischertechnik and a Sawyer Cobot from Rethink Robotics and effectively demonstrates how intelligent manufacturing can be successful.

For the demo, a chip individualized with a colored pen is fed in. The workpiece is checked via visual inspection and taken to the warehouse. The cobot then hands over the individualized chip again. Central process data of the chip are presented on an output overview. After scanning a QR code, the individual process data of the chip from the Google Cloud are available directly on the Smartphone or Tablet.

Impressions Google Cloud Next ´22 

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