Together with the Cluster Mechatronics & Automation e.V., ITQ is organizing a seminar on the subject of “Mechatronic Project Management”. Based on the fundamentals of general project management, mechatronic project management opens up a whole new dimension: only the functioning cooperation of the various mechatronic disciplines (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, IT, etc.) releases undreamt-of potential for innovation.

This is becoming increasingly important, as the future mechatronics world will be characterized by an even greater degree of individualization of the products, both in development and in production. A methodical approach that combines systematics and creativity within the framework of suitable project management leads to decisive competitive advantages. Enriched with agile methods, it allows the project manager to plan in a structured manner and to react confidently to changing circumstances.

Event Information:

Date:  14. July 2021
Lecturers: Konstantin Magg, Vincent Enßlin
Location: ITQ GmbH, Parkring 4, 85748 Garching bei München

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