For our ITQ colleagues from Duisburg past fall was all about Digital Education. They participated in three events focussing about the topics “technology of the future”.

The  5. Duisburger Makerday got its livestream premier due to the corona regulations. This event was organized by VHS Duisburg and Stadtbibliothek Duisburg and was all about 3-D-Print/Scan, Smart-Home-Solutions and programming. Professionals from Universities, Associations and leading IT companies from the Duisburg area held presentations about divers digitization possibilites. The ITQ-Team presented the international Education festival  SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON in Gran Canaria. The visitors also learned about the latest Student Project “Solar Car Project Duisburg” powered by ITQ and the Universität Duisburg-Essen.

The participation at the //Slash 2020 Hackathon was a further lighthouse project. Colleagues from Duisburg, Garching and Gran Canaria realized a project called Projekt A.D.S.S. – Solar Golf Cart, during Berlin’s hughest three day Hackathon. The team developed a system for Solar powered Golf Carts. The system recognizes the position of the sun and the cart can follow the sun and store energy. Charging breaks can therefore be limited.

Impressions of the Digital Education activities in Duisburg 

The final Digital Education event during the past year was the partizipation at the Duisburg Landesgartenschau. In cooperation with the public organisation  wir4-Wirtschaftsförderung the team displayed with its Lego-Robots that the future can and will be Digital, Smart and Green. Visitors were invited to control the robots via gesture themselves and to do competitions.

We are very thankful that our colleagues from Duisburg show such great engagement to inspire young people for technology of the future.

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