On 19.12.2017, ITQ GmbH organises a Mini-Hackathon at the Amberg-Weiden (OTH – Technical University of Applied Sciences), which – in line with the upcoming festive days – deals with customer needs during a barbecue. According to the motto “automation Technology meets Barbecue”, there will also be a focus on digital order placement and management via smartphone.

In addition to a brand barbecue, which has two separate adjustable grill areas, a Dobot Magician robot will be integrated into the overall control process. A total of three ITQ coaches as well as two employees of Phoenix Contact providing hardware will be on the spot to supervise the 23 students from OTH – Technical University of Applied Sciences and help them solving task-related problems.

Learn more about the everyday problems that ITQ has already successfully solved in the context of other Hackathons.

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