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Lifelong learning pays off

In order to meet the challenges of system engineering and technological requirements of software-intensive mechatronic systems, appropriate structures, sophisticated development processes, and motivated, well-educated staff are needed.

We support companies using a modular training concept encompassing several hierarchy levels and fields of activity within the company. We do not only train and instruct existing staff, we also actively seek out universities, academies, and schools to make sure on-site that the next generation embraces technology and recognizes technological and social correlations early.

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Awareness training for executives

From experience, communicating clearly, to people in charge and non-engineers, the technological and organizational requirements of software-intensive mechatronic systems is especially difficult. For that reason, we have been doing mechatronic “management games” – in which the importance of systematic software engineering and systems engineering is demonstrated – for several years. The foundation of these sensitization workshops is the mechatronic technology kit Lego Mindstorms, which can demonstrate the needs of structured systems engineering and software engineering very vividly and in an easily comprehensible way. These workshops aim at a unified, multidisciplinary understanding for mechatronic systems within a company.

Mechatronic development methodology

With increasing complexity of the automation solutions, the needs for solid quality control for all mechatronic components – and especially the software parts – rise continuously. The deeper software is embedded in the “innards” of the automation solution, the higher the requirements for quality control and the subjects of development methodology, text automation, and simulation get. We offer seminars about these and other subjects, in which we sensibly and efficiently explain – and train together with you – the methods and procedures. The individual seminars of our modular training concept are highly practice-oriented by interactive exercises, chances for discussion, and feedback rounds. The longtime project work in which our trainers have been acting in consultant as well as operative positions guarantees that competent know-how is being passed on. Just write to us at and we will immediately send you further information.

We share our knowledge

For us, interdisciplinary academic education is highly significant. We share our knowledge in lectures, team term papers, and seminars at national academies such as the Technische Universität München (TUM), the Hochschulen Rosenheim, Landshut, Esslingen und Universität Duisburg, as well as international universities in Austria, Spain, and Italy. In the summer semester 2016, Dr. Stetter held the “Practical Training for Mechatronic Development Processes and Project Management” and the lecture “Mechatronic Development Projects in Practice” at the TUM institute iwb. You can find more information and registration forms by following the links below.

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Playfully Convey Appreciation of Technology

Inspiring enthusiasm in young people is the foundation for the supply of qualified young academics for German companies. Imparting technological knowledge should happen in a way that youngsters have fun and discover technology for themselves. For that reason, we have been involved in interdisciplinary projects with universities for more than ten years in order to give students a practical education compatible with industry needs. With the establishment of the Gerda Stetter Stiftung “Technik macht Spaß!” (Gerda Stetter Foundation “Technology Is Fun!”), we want to inspire technological enthusiasm in children and youths too. The foundation’s goal is a comprehensive modular education concept. The focus is on having fun with technology and on playfully experiencing technical project work.

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